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JJack Films Story of Girl Raised in a Cult, Social Video Bites, and Castlevania!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Justin Interviews Naomi Wright

Imagine spending the first 28 years of your life in a religious cult led by your father. Chances are, you can't, but that's exactly what happened to Naomi Wright, who has only recently started speaking publicly about the cult that still exists to this very day. Watch the interview she filmed with Justin below.

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Watch Castlevania on Netflix here.

"Good video game adaptations are hard to come by, but the animated Castlevania series on Netflix just might be one of the best out there. What’s not to like about the show? It has immaculate animation, superb sound design, amazing performances, and a fanatical story. The atmosphere and tone of the show is a very gritty one, and some caution should be advised if violence and gore isn’t your thing, but it lends itself in making the show feel that much more bold. The first season is a quick shot of only a few episodes in giving a taste of what the show has to offer, with a full second and third season to follow. Overall, I highly recommend the show, whether you’re a fan of the games or not, because it’s an action packed wild ride."

- Sterling Lev, JJack Productions Editor


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