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Figuring out how to budget for video production can be tricky. How much will it cost? What videos do you actually need? How do you present all of this information to your internal purchasing department? Hopefully we've made it just a little bit easier for you with our Video Budget Helper. Take a look, and see what it would cost to bring your video ideas to life!

If you're like most people, you still need presents and cards for several people as we approach Christmas and the holiday season. Video cards to the rescue! Check out some of the cool cards you can easily make on JibJab. And if you're looking for a more elaborate holiday card, we're here to help.

Streaming Suggestion: The Flight Attendant on HBO Max

"The Flight Attendant is one of the most innovative and surprising shows I've seen this year. They incorporate a unique style of storytelling originally developed - or at least popularized - by "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, where the protagonist is able to watch themselves from a dreamlike realm, and gain insight to their current situation by doing so. The protagonist is also guided by a ghost-like figure in both A Christmas Carol and The Flight Attendant. Kaley Cuoco is extremely believable as the alcoholic Cassie, and it's sometimes hard to believe she isn't actually drunk. Michiel Huisman also delivers a strong performance as Cassie's ghost-like guide through the series. The pacing is quick and the music and dialogue are exciting, making the Flight Attendant a very fast and fun watch."

- Max Brudvig, JJack Productions Producer

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Rockblade2005 Anime Jacobs
Rockblade2005 Anime Jacobs
Dec 22, 2020

Do you have guys on Hulu

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