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Self Film Your Video (FREE GUIDE IN VIDEO), JJack Hires Video Strategist, & The Hunting Public

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

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Get to know our new Video Strategist Jake Jones!

Jake was hired to work closely with our clients to determine what videos will work best for their marketing strategy. Here's a quick Q&A with him!

Q: What's your favorite Chicago-centric food?

A: Chicago dogs!

Q: Favorite pastimes?

A: The last two years chasing whitetail has consumed all of my spare time. If I'm not in a tree, I'm thinking about the next hunt, watching a hunting video (one's playing in the background now) or looking at maps with my brother. I think what I enjoy most is how humbling of an adventure it is, and that there's always more to it. These season has been my first self-filming from the tree, so that's been a new adventure as well... when I'm not in the woods, I usually prefer to be in the gym.

Q: Favorite movie as a kid?

A: Two that always come to mind are the Sandlot and Tommy Boy, and they're both still favorites today. I think the story of Benny and Smalls making memories on the diamond is what sparked my love for baseball as a kid. As for Tommy Boy... comedic genius.

Q: Favorite movie now?

A: Probably Lord of the Rings trilogy. Also a big fan of the Narnia movies. Both of these series hit home with me as I'm a fan of Tolkien and Lewis' writings, and I thought the films have all been awesome.

Q: What do you enjoy most about film and video?

A: Following along with a story and connecting with characters in the story. I love that sometimes that story can be 30 seconds, and sometimes it can be 3 hours. Either way, when done well it's awesome to feel a connection to characters in a video by the time it concludes.

Q: What are you most excited about in your new role?

A: I'm looking forward to working with a well rounded team to help bring clients more creative content, and build on the success the team has found over the last 8 years.

Under Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot's new Protect Chicago plan, film workers are deemed essential, and film production will continue with safety requirements in place. Here is a link to the Reel Chicago article with the news.

Streaming Suggestion: The Hunting Public on YouTube

Watch The Hunting Public on YouTube here.

"With social distancing and stay at home precautions in place, many folks have looked to the great outdoors to take up new hobbies. For the last several years, The Hunting Public has put out literally hundreds of episodes via their YouTube Channel (The Hunting Public) showcasing public land across the county, offering up tips to newbies and novice hunters alike and overall teaching the importance of conservationism. Currently the guys are on the road for their '20 Deer Tour and are pumping out several videos a week on their channel as they chase Whitetail around the country; so far this season has been action packed with more than a few tags punched! These guys unique and witty personalities make for much more than just a typical hunting show shooting a guy in a tree - check them out and you may find yourself with an itch to get out in the woods."

- Jake Jones, JJack Productions Video Strategist


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