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Hunter's Creed Movie Trailer with Dog the Bounty Hunter, Company Videos, and The Last Dance

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

More Info on Hunter's Creed:

Hunter's Creed follows the story of a recent widower who reunites with his church buddies on a hunting trip where they encounter a supernatural presence and are forced to confront their deepest fears. “It’s a film about seeking truth and finding yourself, and if you know anything about Dog’s personal story, you know he embodies exactly that,” says director Justin Jackola. “It’s not your everyday faith film. While there are parts of the film that evoke emotion and are relatable with loss, the scenes in the woods are a fresh take on a group of hunting buddies having fun mixed with some unexplainable elements that keep you on the edge of your seat.”

More Info on The Last Dance:

By now you've probably heard about 'The Last Dance' on Netflix. It's a 10-episode documentary series that chronicles the rise of Michael Jordan's 1990's Bulls, and their final season. The narrative jumps back and forth between the early years and the "last dance" 1997-1998 season. Through the use of never-before-seen footage captured over the course of the dynasty's final year together, we see the inner-workings of a team and a player that you can't get by watching Bulls highlights or Space Jam.

For a Chicagoan, it's a tribute to a local team that changed basketball globally. For the filmmaker, it's a master class on documentary filmmaking.

'The Last Dance' avoids the documentary trap of stale, lineal storytelling by employing three separate narratives, and cutting between them regularly. They are:

  1. Present Day Interviews

  2. Footage from the "Last Dance" season (1997-1998)

  3. Footage from the rise of the Bulls (1980's - 1997)

While the inclusion of present day interviews to reflect on past events is typical in documentary filmmaking, it's the gradual conversion of narratives 2 and 3 that make this documentary especially interesting. Over the course of the series, we see how the young, talented Jordan became the unstoppable veteran from the 1997-98 season.

'The Last Dance' serves as a reminder to filmmakers that you can make a well-known story interesting through great storytelling. Everyone knows Michael Jordan, everyone knows how the 1997-98 season ends, and there are no major "reveals" in the series. But the way the story was told allows us to experience the Bull's dynasty all over again.

Hunter's Creed Press:


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