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How To Use Motion Graphics In Marketing Videos

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Watch Video above, read show notes below:

Watch our motion graphics reel video here:

The Amazing part about motion graphics animation is that you can do anything on screen! Including having a gorilla with sunglasses shoot out of a volcano wielding lightsabers. (In case that's what you were looking for)

The above video breaks the use of motion graphics into 3 uses:

1. Simple intro/exit graphics with lower thirds (Utilizing a company logo, or some awesome text)

2. Animating assets on screen (Like Photos, videos, stock images, logos, etc.)

3. A cartoon style video that consists of 100% animated assets (characters, icons, artwork, etc.)

The Main advantages of doing these types of motion graphics explainer videos is 1. Quality: The motion graphics add a lot of visual eye candy, and 2. You can visualize anything, b/c it's just cartoons. Which is great for explaining complex ideas or showing complete objects on screen.

Enjoy the video above and let us know if you have any question!

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