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We were stoked to see that Entertainment Tonight chose to kick off their 2020 season with a segment on our upcoming film, Hunter's Creed in front of their 4 million viewers! It comes out everywhere on October 6th, and you can pre-order the DVD on Amazon or Walmart now.

Take a look at Justin's family, adventures, and career on the brand new website, This site will be regularly updated as new ventures arise - so be sure to check it out and stay tuned.

"Lovecraft Country to-date is a terrifying examination of the very real monsters that skulk & stalk the worst parts of our nature. A gallery of grotesqueries on display; racism, sexism, abusive power, poverty & war - all set themselves against a backdrop of mystery & pulp adventure. Our hero is destined to get the girl, lost legacies will be revealed & ancient fortunes await our discovery. The CGI is high quality & truly disturbing in parts. The performances are very even & superbly executed. And, I especially enjoyed the unique design of each episodes title-plates. So far, a thrilling, if not uncomfortable, trek in to a world where Ancient Lovecraftian Monsters meet our worst real-world tendencies."

- Ray Martindale


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